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    If anyone has any complaints regarding the examination process or other related complaints, they can write to us by clicking on the link given below

    We will revert with an acknowledgment on email within 7 working days. We will investigate the complaint and revert within a further 10 working days.


    In case you are not satisfied with the complaint resolution or have any serious complaint related to integrity or impartiality, you may write to our Impartiality Committee. This is an independent committee of 3 senior professionals directly reporting to the Board of Directors & adhere to only independent Yoga Certification Board norms.

    They will investigate the appeal and revert through the Quality Manager within 14 working days.

    home-2Click Here to submit an appeal (Use the Contact Us Form).
    (We request you to utilize this for serious issues only and not for operational issues or issues related to marks or re-evaluations. For this, please use the next Tab, titled Re-Evaluation and Re-Examination)

  • There can be instances when a failed candidate may request for a re-evaluation or complain that his or her results were not as expected and want a re-assessment. Re-Evaluation will be done in the following circumstances.

    The request for Re-Valuation will be at a discretion of Abhisti and as approved by Abhisti CB.
    The fees for Re-evaluation will be Rs. 1000.

    Time Taken for Re-Evaluation

    a) Re-evaluation will be initiated within 7 working days of a candidate asking for one and if the individual is found to meet the criteria mentioned above. If the results are very poor, then the candidate has to be informed accordingly.

    b) Re-evaluation results will be communicated within 10 working days of initiation. This means that all re-evaluation results will be declared within 17 working days of receipt of request / complaint.


    Name (*)

    Candidate Seat Number (*)

    City of Exam (*)

    Location (*)

    Date Exam Given (*)

  • A re-examination may be conducted in any one of the following circumstances:

    a) If a candidate was unable to appear for an examination due to valid circumstances. The same needs to have been communicated by the candidate on email.

    b) A candidate complained of, or requested a re-evaluation and Abhisti CB agreed for the same.

    c) Cancellation of all or any part of an examination batch due to extenuating circumstances, cancellations, calamities, etc.

    d) A candidate was genuinely unwell and leaves the examination hall and the invigilator documents the same.

    Time Frame for Re-Examinations

    All re-examinations have to be done within one month of the previous exams in case of cancellation by Abhisti. In case of request by Candidate or candidate unwell, the same will be conducted as soon as possible and the candidate will be accommodated in the next batch.


    Re-examinations can be done for any or all of the 3 stages as required.

    Process of Re-Examination

    a) The process will be the same as that of all examinations.

    b) The candidate or candidates will be asked to join the next batches in the city / location. From there on, the process remains the same.


    Name (*)

    Candidate Seat Number (*)

    City of Exam applied for (*)

    Reason for Re-Exam (*)